On Sunday, August 28, a home in Temple City suffered a terrifying home invasion that saw one man shot, two residents tied up, and the community terrorized.

Unfortunately, this type of violence and crime is all too prevalent and increasing in in our community. According to the LA Sheriff's Department, homicides in our county have increased 94% and auto theft has increased 59%.

Rep Judy Chu and California Democrats have pursued a policy of silence and neglect, refusing to directly combat or address these issues. 

Wes Hallman firmly stands by law enforcement officials and has the endorsement of numerous Police Officer Associations. If elected to Congress, he fully supports fighting crime by directing funding to support effective crime prevention strategies, increased training, and providing the support needed to prosecutors to hold criminals liable. Justice is not served with unaccounted crimes, it's served by effective policing in partnership with the community and giving closure to the innocent Americans who are affected by this crime wave every single day.